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I was invited by Hervé Rabot to make an intervention in le pavillon, the Pantin’s city school of art in 2003. We have chosen the classroom on the ground floor to present this second mural collage and we displayed it in two walls with a right angle including a window and the fireplace. With however the intention to become integrated as much as possible into the space and not to occupy the other walls used during the cours. Colors chosen, a blue tourquoise added to grey and the smooth, matt smoke black were related to these intentions. The text, one sentence from The Muses by Jean-Luc Nancy was short, anonymous, open, accessible and understandable at various levels. The image, cut and separated by the fénêtre, reminded the viewer to the transformation in process in the city with the new homebuilding and the installation of the head offices of the big enterprises like hermes or BNP, luxury and banking sectors. The work remained six months or around more and when it was unsettled the city made renovate and paint entirely the classroom.