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Claire Roudenko Bertin /09/ I separate as soon as I say

Konsthallen Bohusläns museum Uddevalla Swenska – Mikael Fagerlund – Miquel Mont – Wolfram Ulrich
three painters make an exhibition together, a swede, a german and a spaniar

and someone would come there and say : « look, this is what these things are alike » and we would stay behind these words and jot them down to build a small rampart of words between ourselves and these things in this way the function of a text would be clear at least we could see it more clearly

Because we have seen we have talk a lot about these things and we have seen it has hurt us the more one talks about things the more they become negated filed down the more we separate ourselves from them

And we construct a space that is something other than the thing but which allows us to see the thing provided it is constitued as an emptiness and a clearing out a freeing up of the potential space of the viewer

better then to immediately mould the place of this text because in all events it is like a negation a destruction to negate it means to see it better and so distinguish the unsettling and necessary distance that separates us from the work as soos as I open my mouth I separate as soon as I say something about the thing the thing is ruined

a text as a measure of these spaces of that which has not beeen said but painted

so how could this be done ?

It can only be transparent that is to say opaque to ourselves so transparent that we ourselves could not be identify it a text forgetting us forgetting it has been writtent forgetting everything we can do think write etc jeering t us badly writtent clumsy all just drive !

So transparent that we ourselves can not contain all this transparency only then could it exist be offered be decently given away we would sign it surrender

otherwise it is like an importure, a substitute for looking

Claire Roudenko-Bertin

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