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market of Visibilities

The Market of Visibilities is an installation including a wall painting, two industrial metallic shelves, two acrylic glass, and three velvet papers.

The wall painting alternates horizontal stripes painted in two colors, green spring and turquoise blue, separate by the white of the wall, The stripes had 30 cm heights, and they start from the floor with the white below and go alternating until to arrive either on top of the wall, or 360 cms from the floor in case of a bigger height.
This horizontal composition of painted stripes is cutted by an vertical grey located behind the half of the shelves with oblique trays.

Both shelves are arranged between them at a minimal distance of 4 mt (who allows to see both together in the field of vision). The oblique trays shelf, has the orange acrylic glass on the right side and it is settled parallel to the wall. The other one, shelf for tires, is arranged in right angle of 90 ° with the wall. Its translucent acrylic glass covers the right side ans is settled facing to the other shelf.

The drawings, the three velvet papers are simply hung with pins or small points, They have to be away enough from both shelves but nevertheless visible instead of one of them.