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Pores are paintings which explore the gap between two constituent elements of painting: the drawing, reduced to a simple regular grid represented by holes and the plan of paint. This opening of the bidimensionel space of the picture started in the series of the skins pores and pores extend its concerns in a natural result. Holes had been enlarged, until modify the limits of the frame and deform, disfigure the picture.They cut out the surface and let see so the wall and the structure of the picture: the plan of the support made of plywood and slats who make the thickness of the uprights of the frame.The paint lost in thickness compared with previous works ands becames tightened on surface, becoming colored plan. Paint be configured in various finishes according to the perceptive space inferred by the color: matt, satiny, rough, smooth, brilliant…

I tried to separate these elements to create a mental particular space of perception for each, the grid and the paint, the color and material. Doing this in such a way I’ve been led unwittingly to measure composition problems, without they become a purpose, a concern or carrying any value.